Transforming Military Force

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  • Producent: Praeger
  • Autor: J. Blaker
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Transforming Military Force, J. Blaker, rok wyd. 2007 r.stron 264,ISBN 978-0-275-99427-3
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Donald Rumsfeld arrived at the Pentagon in 2001 with an agenda which included the transformation of the American armed forces. His intent was to modernise the existing force while simultaneously developing hightech innovations to revolutionise the military of the future. The primary architect of transformation, Arthur Cebrowski, conceived what is known as network-centric warfare - a concept to promote advances in military technology intended to influence the U.S. Armed Forces for many decades to come. Cebrowski was appointed as the first director of force transformation by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and served in that position from 2001 to 2005. In this capacity, Cebrowski articulated a new theory of war that Rumsfeld attempted to execute. The basis of this work was initially Arthur Cebrowski's autobiographical history of the development of network-centric warfare. He passed away, however, before he could complete his account.The author has used much of the material gathered by Cebrowski to craft a history based on the former naval officer's own writings and testimony, and on interviews of Cebrowski conducted by a variety of individuals in the media and military during his time in Washington. "Transforming Military Force" is also an examination of the successes and failures of this new form of warfare, analysing what has been done in the past and offering suggestions on the future direction of this form of conflict.